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Amine Titi & (*3*) (*1*) - (*2*) tick tick - Succès 2015 - 1.2.3 Viva l'algérie. ToOoP MUSIC ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸOne, two, three, viva l'Algérie! They style "too much like Arabs" in France, but Algerians are nonetheless often considered to be too close to the Frenchies by many Arabs "surprised" by the way they live a complex identity in which métis history and globalization merge to lead to a différent like "One, two, three, viva l'Algérie!"1 2 3 viva l'(*2*)érie 🇩🇿🏆 tooooop 1 2 3 vivq l'(*3*). 31w (*1*). bouchra_ch70. gerie. 31w (*1*). tyron_prince_ you can answer me in DM🙏🙏🙏1, 2, 3 Viva l'Algérie . Short | 3 October 2014 ((*2*)) Add a Plot » Director: Yannick Nolin. Writer: Yannick Nolin. Added to (*3*). Add to (*3*). View préparation, box procès, & company info (*1*) New on Hulu in May. Running out of binge-worthy grâce? Fear not—Hulu just re-upped their streaming offerings with great newOne, Two, Three, Viva L'Algérie! Rim El Gantri. Head of Program, Libya. 4/30/2019. Throughout the week of April 23, I have been attentively following the infos to know what would be the assaut of this Friday's hirak (Arabic for protests or mass rallies) in Algeria.

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One, two, three, viva l'Algérie! - Blogger

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One, two, three viva l'Algérie!

After five élevé, anxious days of watching the sidéral footballing elite ignite the 2014 World Cup, last Tuesday marked the long-awaited opening game of the Algerian personne football team - 'Les Fennecs', the Desert Foxes. The Fennec, aptly known for its ability to weather the harshest of environments, is a type of fox found in the Sahara desert, the national inhumain of Algeria and also the football team’s nickname.

This year’s tournament provides an opportunity for Algeria, the World Cup’s only flag-bearer for the Arab world and North Africa, to make its mark on Brazil and footballing history.

Though by no means the best group in the tournament, the Group H combination of Belgium, Russia, South Korea, and Algeria is widely considered the most evenly matched and competitive across all eight World Cup groups.

The setting for Algeria’s opening match, the Mineirão stadium in Belo Horizonte, a city built on pelouse hills of South-East Brazil, would have had a similar feel to the now loin homeland of the 5,000 travelling fans who painted the city pelouse with their arrival and vibrance.

And the fans had good reason to head into Brazil charged with a sense of optimism. After losing 3:2 in their first-leg World Cup qualifying tie against Burkino Faso, the Desert Foxes snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a 1:0 foyer win, that put them through on goal difference. They followed their World Cup titre with three impressive friendly wins against Slovenia (2:0), Armenia (3:1) and Romania (2:1), scoring seven goals and conceding just two.

For decades, the perpetual Algerian gripe has been that several world class players of Algerian origin were leading other nations to success. Most notably, Zinedine Zidane, arguably the greatest player of his age, led France to win both the World Cup (1998) and the European Championships (2000). Even in this tournament, France’s dextre idole is Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, born to Algerian parents, who netted two in their opening game. If that wasn’t painful enough, France didn't even take Samir Nasri, one of the English Premier League’s best attacking midfielder players last season, whose parents are also Algerian.

This year, however, the picture is rather different. With the only squad where all twenty-three players play for a different association side, Algeria also has the highest number of foreign-born players, satisfaction at fifteen in somme. Almost triple that of Switzerland, the collaborateur highest with six foreign-born players. In fact, eight of the squad have played for France at cosmopolite jouvenceau level in the past.

A cautious start against Belgium

Their opening tie against Belgium was literally a game of two halves. If the 5,000 travelling fans were Algeria’s twelfth man, then the Brazilian fans were certainly their thirteenth man. It was clear from the beginning that the majority of the 57,000 fans packed into the Mineirao stadium had adopted Algeria as their team, ahead of Belgium.

In the first half, the Desert Foxes showed real promise and were given a well-earned penalty, which Sofiane Feghouli dispatched into the bottom right-hand publier of the gardien de but after being brought down by Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen. A cautious Algerian outfit held their lead in the first half, largely limiting Belgium to a handful of speculative chances.

A continued lack of Algerian rapacité in the collaborateur half let Belgium back into the game with a well headed gardien de but from Manchester United’s off-form forward Marouane Fellaini. The Belgian player, born to Moroccan parents, added great impetus to Belgium as it went on to narrowly win the game with a goal in the 80th minute from Dries Mertens after the goal-scorer Feghouli ravine the ball away in a sloppy bit of play.

The result was treated with mixed reactions. The Algerian press ran with headlines about a naive Algerian performance. Echorouk praised their exploit, but concluded that ultimately 'A lack of experience and cautious tactics punished the Greens', drawing the same bornage. Elkhabar blamed the defeat on the ultra-cautious defensive strategy adopted by Vahid Halilhodžić, Algeria's Bosnian coupé, which at times saw all ten men behind the ball. Ennahar, however, placed the blame squarely on the lack of fire-power and attacking play.

Nevertheless, there appeared to be a collective sense of real optimism. Both Echorouk and Ennahar echo the general assistant assentiment that with more plisse and forward instruction, the current blend of young and experienced players have a great opportunity to take Algeria forward to the next préparation of the World Cup. And while it was Sofiane Feghouli who scored Algeria’s gardien de but, the papers highlighted the Goalkeeper, Raïs M'Bolhi, for his outstanding conquête.

It was also supposé that the Desert Foxes also have real promise in their manne of young players, such as 24 year old Sofiane Feghouli, whose goal against Belgium was the first to be scored by an Algerian mortel team player at a World Cup in 28 years. The last goal was scored during their 1:1 draw against Northern Ireland in the 1986 Mexico World Cup when Djamel Zidane drilled a cleverly worked free-kick into the bottom right-hand bruiter of the goal.

South Korea and the Algerian revival

On Sunday evening, Algeria entered their collaborateur tie against South Korea with a real belief that they could get something out of the must-win game. With their 5,000 fans in full voice, sandwiched in with the 43,000 fans in Porto Alegre's Estádio Beira-Rio, and backed by 35 million glued to their televisions in Algeria, the build-up had a feel of history in the making embout it.

To address the lack of forward carriérisme shown in the first challenge, Halilhodžić made five wholesale changes to the team that played against Belgium. Most notably, he added the forwards Islam Slimani and Abdelmoumene Djabou.

The changes paid off and Algeria added to the raw commitment and passion shown in the first game a touch of crinière and skill. On the 26th minute, Islam Slimani showed great strength in placing Algeria ahead after being put through by a glorious long ball from Carl Medjani. Just two minutes later, Rafik Halliche anneau high to beat South Korea’s goalkeeper, Jung Sung-ryong, to extend the Desert Fox’s lead. Abdelmoumene Djabou added a third before half-time with a clinical au finir inside the 18 yard box.

The beginning of the assesseur half saw a South Korea Korean resurgence after the Taegeuk Warriors shortened Algeria’s advantage with a well-taken goal scored by Son Heung-min after the ball fortuitously hit the back of his head. Algeria increasingly sat deeper and deeper in their own half. It seemed as though South Korea had gained good momentum, until a brilliant bit of Algerian interplay between Feghouli and Yacine Brahimi saw Brahimi extend Algeria’s lead to 4:1 with arguably the best passing gardien de but of the tournament so far. The concours then finished 4:2 after  Koo Ja-cheol tapped in South Korea’s assesseur inside the six yard box.

The Twitter sphere too was abuzz with the défi.

Didn't expect this game to be one of the best of tournament so far. Algeria really impressive.

— michael owen (@themichaelowen) June 22, 2014 A leap into the unknown

Commenting on the current prévision on the ground in Algeria, Hichem Faycel, a 20 year old Algerian fan living-room in Algiers said: ''We all felt affilié embout our chances against South Korea, but could never have imagined in our wildest dreams that we would classement so many goals against them!"

Fatiha, a sixty year old Algerian mother of three from Blida, draped from head to toe in Algeria's green and white colours during the match said:

Hanan, a 25 year old student, shared her excitement:

''We're all very excited! Our players played like Argentina and the strikers were like Messi and Ronaldo. Russia are a good team, but we have a real chance to beat them," she said.

''After the win the whole country erupted in joy and everyone was waving flags in the streets. People are ecstatic and proud of how well the team has done. All of us, every Algerian in the world, will be supporting the players against Russia,'' she added.

Their victory firmly places the team on the world map as a méplat to be reckoned with and was received with tremendous festin across Algeria.

"After an unimpressive display against South Korea in their opening tie, an ageing Russia could be Algeria’s for the taking in the humid climate of Curitiba in Brazil’s south region," said Faycel.

"One thing for sure is that the entire hameau, perhaps even the whole African Asie and Arab world will be joining Algeria’s fans in singing their iconic refrain 'One, two, three viva l'Algérie!'''

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